What are the best Plastic Straw Alternatives To Save The Environment

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Everyone is aware of the disadvantages of plastic straws and materials, but the main issue is what are the finest plastic straw alternatives to save the environment. So, here we are with a list of best plastic straws alternatives, have a quick glance…

Wheat straws

A 100% natural straw that is made from wheat stems. Most of the time, this material is treated as agricultural production’s waste, therefore, making the straws from this ‘waste’ allows saving natural resources. Though, these non plastic straws are single-use that do not damage the environment. You can simply throw these straws away after using it once, and the best part is that they will disappear naturally in a few months. This kind of straws is one of the finest plastic straw alternatives for every place because this sector cannot work without single-use products.

Papaya leaf stems straws

Extremely stylish and a very exotic alternative to plastic straws. These straws are easy to manufacture from papaya leaf stems. The manufacturing process of these leaves straws are very easy, you just need to put away the leaves and rinse the stem. Either you love tropical cocktails or fresh coconut, these straws make a perfect match with all your favourite beverages. But to buy these straws you will need to connect with your nearest manufacturer as these cannot be found online.

Paper straws

From the day of plastic straws ban, paper straws are most vastly used straws. It mostly refers to restaurants, bars, cafes and other similar places. If you have some queries like… 

Are paper straws better than plastic ones? Or Are paper straws biodegradables? Then the answer is definitely yes! Paper is a material that is a renewable resource and it biodegrades quickly and easily. Therefore, used compostable plastic straws do not come to the sea and do not harm any marine life and living beings.


On the straws market, metal straws are highly demanded. The reason is simple, metal straws are extra durable. You can use it again and again, in fact, around dozens of times and then send it for the recycling process. 

Wilbistraw 360®

The first flexible paper straw ,

pending patent.