Compostable Plastic Straws |Reusable Plastic straws

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Compostable Plastic straws are undoubtedly getting more attention in the whole world and sadly attention is not for good purpose, in fact, because it spreads pollution. Though they have often been popular by the  plastic bag and the famous materials like disposable cups, they have constantly been in the peak level and the most commonly found plastic items. 

In the US, upto 500 million world compostable plastic straws and non-biodegradable straws are thrown away every day. This is enough straws to cover the planet 2.5 times each day! Many plastic materials end up in landfills as most disposable plastic straws are made of polypropylene plastic which has almost no recycling rate. This waste of plastics doesn’t easily break down, and if in any case it does then it just breaks down into tiny pieces of plastic that is also named as microplastics. These small size plastic pieces are an enormous global issue as they cannot be removed from the environment. They attract pollution, toxins like pesticides and PCBs and marine life animals eat it without knowing the result of it and these compostable straws toxifying their way up the food chain to humans too.

The main culprits for pollution from straws are likely pubs, cafe, restaurants and bars that serves  at least a straw with every beverages whether customers want them or not. And the result of the plastic straw forces them to stop this practice. For the most of the time, we actually don’t even need straws with our beverage or drink, and if we did, we could always merely just ask. Just Imagine if this norm was shifted so that non plastic straws were available only upon request? This would surely reduce straw waste in the massive amount, and it seems like such a no-brainer because it’s more than good for the environment and it saves industries, stores, and restaurants. 

Some industries are definitely tuning in and have begun this voluntarily, like Crowbar. On the other hand, the majority of pubs, cafes and restaurants aren’t on board, and why not? The reason is simple, “change takes time and to get the optimum result we need to put efforts to achieve our goal and we require individuals out there pushing for it.

The best thing is that these eco products straws are very easy to tackle! The foremost reason is that they aren’t completely necessary, and even when desired they can be easily substituted for healthier and safer reusable alternatives. And another reason is that we have all sorts of easy suggestions to help motivate our readers to join the movement and take action against straw waste.

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