Who Invented Bulk Paper Custom Straws?

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Drinking straws are an essential part of human life. However, many of us know it as a modern invention, but it is not. The use of plastic straw was very popular during World War II. Nowadays, we develop various innovations of drinking straws. For instance, we buy bulk paper straws for various occasions.

History of Drinking Straws

Ancient Sumerians first invented the drinking straw. It was a replicate of a straw in Sumerian tombs. But the use of plastic and plastic straws became popular in the 20th century because it was cheap and easy to use. Moreover, it is profitable for both buyers and sellers but harmful to our ecosystem.

Origin of Twist Drinking Straws

In the 19the century, a new straw, known as RyeGrass Straw, came on the market. It was produced using the natural materials, hollowing out the stalks of ryegrass. Milton Dinhofer created a new style of the twisted drinking straw. It is good looking and easy to use.

But later, Marvin Stone developed the idea and brought a new bulk plastic straw in the market. Previously, the ryegrass straw is not long-lasting, so Marvin thought to produce a new straw, which would not lose its strength once placed in liquids.

Origin of Bulk Paper Straws

Now, Marvin produced a new paper straw with a wax coat, known as Wax Paper Straw. Then, he went forward to develop a machine to do it on a large scale. It opens up a new dimension of straws because wax protects the paper in the liquid.   

Later, many manufacturers developed new and innovative straws.

WilbiStraws’ Bulk Paper Straws

We are the manufacturer of specialized and biodegradable paper straws and the suppliers of both classic and customizable straws. 

Our classic straws are the standard straw in the market. On the other hand, customizable straws are the exact outcome of your desire and imagination; you will tell us the colour, pattern, wrapping and intermediary packing, and we produce what you thought.

Wilbistraw supports and promotes the use of bulk paper straws. We always focus on the environment and implement them on our production. If you want to buy paper straws, kindly, visit our service page and get a quote from us.

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