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The Wilbistraw makes eco-friendly straws. These cost-effective paper straws are handy and better than plastic or metal straws. Why? Because it is biodegradable drinking straws. Moreover, it is colourful, well designed and easy to use. If you want to buy this biodegradable straw– visit our service page.

But before that, read this article thoroughly.  

Biodegradable Paper Straws by Wilbistraws

We produce eco-friendly paper straws that can be disposed of after use. These paper drinking straws come wrapped and can be purchased in bulk and small amounts.

These are compostable paper straws. Drinking straws were utilized until 1888 when Martin Stone invented the twisting paper straws. These paper-drinking straws were covered with a layer of paraffin to protect the paper from getting wet. Paper straws got on in prominence and turned into the messenger of the present plastic drinking straws.

Still, in the 21st century, this paper is the best biodegradable straw. It has been improved throughout the years, yet Martin Stone’s 1888 idea has held up over the years.


  • Paper straws are easy to make.
  • Most paper straws are safe to use.
  • The straws can be printed and designed to give an attractive look.


  • Not suitable for hot drinks, paper straws are good only for cold drinks.

We offer five types of paper straws

Plain Straws

The splendid hues and unique pattern of our plain colour straws bring the occasional in your glass of cold drinks, refresh your mind and add colourful fragrance into your life.

Stripe Straws

The stripe design is one of the most widely recognized biodegradable paper drinking straws available in the market. With its wide scope of splendid hues, Wilbistraw brings this exceptional quality straw with custom pattern and pricing for your occasion.

Herringbone Stripe Straws

The herringbone design stripe carries the first touch to your refreshments while making the optical illusion. This example will fit flawlessly in cold drinks.

Star Pattern

For some occasions that should be praised with grace, whether it is a large gathering or a small one, our star straws will carry out the responsibility.

Spots Paper Straws

The mini spots straws are ideal for kids’ birthday celebrations and other different occasions for children.

Yes, we have all varieties and colours for your occasion. Most importantly, all paper drinking straws are biodegradable and eco-friendly.

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