Why Restaurants Need to Banish Plastic Drinking Straws

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Governments are taking drastic steps to ban plastic straws. Restaurant owners play a major role in this campaign. Many restaurant owners use paper drinking sustainable straws or other eco friendly straws as an alternative. Why are they doing this? This is very important for your branding and reputation.

Bad Effects of Plastic Straws

First, we should look at the side effects of plastic straws.

  • Plastic straws are not biodegradable and compostable.
  • Plastic straws are destroying the ecosystem, especially the aquatic ecosystem.
  • This is also a question about ethical business practice. You should not use plastic without caring about social effects. It is always better to adopt recycling and plastic reduction policies.

Use Eco Straws

Now, let’s see Why you should use eco straws instead of plastic straws.

Boost your restaurant’s branding

Customers will visit and notice that you are contributing to the environment, and you are respecting business ethics. It can boost your branding in your locality. Moreover, your business competitors will also respect you.

Promotion on Social Media

You can promote the use of eco straws on social media platforms and encourage others to use it in their home. You can ask your customers to upload a picture of using eco friendly, sustainable straws in your restaurants.

Sell Eco Straws

After branding and promotion now, you can sell these straws. Otherwise, you can request them to use it instead of plastic straws. Thus, you have twice the brand value and business opportunity.

Save Nature

By using eco friendly straws, you are protecting nature and species. Thus, you can contribute to a good cause for society.

Indeed, reusable drinking straws need to be promoted for the betterment of society. All restaurants must find an alternative to plastic straws. The best alternative of the plastic straw is paper-drinking straw.

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