Wilbistraw Provide Biodegradable Straws Better for the Environment

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This is not the first time we are promoting eco friendly straws. We are the paper straw manufacturer, and we know how important it is to provide high-quality straw for our environment. 

15 years ago, plastic straws were the economic products in the market. Around 2005, we started to think more about our environment and searched for an alternative. Now, in 2020, paper straw is one of the best alternatives in the market. If you ask us for the best sustainable straw? We will recommend you to read this article. 

Why Paper Straw is the Best Option

We know the importance of compostable straw in our daily life. Below are the reasons why you should purchase it.

Biodegradable Alternative

Paper straw is the most useful alternative in the market. It degrades within a week, whereas a plastic straw takes 200 years to degrade completely and affects aquatic and wildlife. Paper straw is a much safer option if you compare these two.

Affordable Straw

This is the most affordable biodegradable straws to purchase in bulk. You can compare it with any other straw. Our high-quality Wilbi paper straw is the best alternative in the market. 

If you want to purchase paper drinking straw in bulk, then get a quote from us.

Custom Design and Colour

Wilbistraw offers you to choose custom design and colours. We have colourful choices for birthdays and custom-designed amazing paper straws for a wedding ceremony. Now, you can order our paper straws in bulk according to your occasion. Enjoy your occasion with colourful paper straws.

Save Environment

Sustainable straw is the only option to save the environment from plastic straws. Generally, we use plastic straws for a few minutes and throw it into a recycle bin. However, some of them wind up in landfills and harm wild and aquatic animals.

Now you know the benefits of the paper drinking straws. Wilbistaw provides the best biodegradable paper straws to save the environment and energy. Check out our other blog posts and service page to know more about our activities. If you want to order paper straws for your occasion, do not hesitate to get a quote from us.  

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