7 Things You Didn’t Know About Plastic Straws

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More or less everybody knows about the ill effects of plastics. But do you know that plastics can not be recycled, and this can downgrade the quality? Yes, here we are providing you with 7 things that you didn’t know about plastics.

  1. All Plastics are not Recyclable

Plastic straws, bags, and coffee cups are not recyclable. Well, you know about reusable plastic straws and all, but these are not worthy. These can take hundreds of years to decompose and degrade naturally.

  1.  Classifications of Plastics

According to RIC, plastic has seven classifications. There are compostable plastics, but there are no compostable plastic straws in the market. Yes, some water bottles have some recycle value, but you have to use them very cautiously.

  1. Polypropylene is not Recyclable Plastic

Coffee cups are made of paper, but why are they not recyclable? Do you know coffee cups have a thin layer of plastic, this plastic is not recyclable? This Polypropylene liquid protects are not suitable for health as well.

  1. Dirty Plastics are not Recyclable

All the wasted plastic packets, straws and other items are dirty plastics. These cannot be recycled. Now, imagine- how much we are responsible for plastic pollution. We recommend using non plastic straws and items.

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  1. Quality of Recycled Plastic Straws

Recyclable plastics can downgrade the quality of the straws. Yes, all these straws are durable, lightweight and flexible, but they are not high-quality products. Therefore, we should stop the use of recycled plastics.  

  1. Glass, Paper, Metals are Recyclable Alternatives,

You should use non-plastic straws and other items- made of paper, glass and metals. They can be recycled numerous times but do not downgrade their quality.

  1. Cannot Recycle without Machine

Recyclable machines are not available in all countries. You can use plastic straws, but how can you recycle them? So better to stop using it and choose an alternative of plastic straws. We recommend you should use paper-drinking straws.

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