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As a paper straw manufacturer, we have to play a major role in our society- for the betterment of our society. We know that human is a superior creature, and we want to keep our mother earth clean and green. Wilbistraw only manufactures compostable and biodegradable drinking straws

As a responsible citizen, the first step should be to avoid plastic straws. There are many reusable and compostable plastic straws in the market. Well, these plastic straws are compostable, but those take years to compost even emit chemicals in nature. 

The next question, you can ask is- What is the solution? Is there any alternative of reusable straws? Yes, there are many alternatives. We recommend paper straws. 

Why is it so important to ban all kinds of plastics?  

Well, various researches and reports reveal the harmful effects of using plastics. It has a life span of a few minutes but stays hundreds of years to destroy our eco-balance. You will come up with the same results by accepting reusable plastic straws. It damages aquatic and wild lives.  

We have written many articles on this. Please read all of them.  

Features of Wilbistraw

We can be the best choice for any eco-conscious citizen. Our recyclable straws support the ecological movement. We work hard to produce high quality, well-designed, colourful paper straws for all of our customers. 

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  1. Eco-friendly: We manufacture ecologically beneficial paper straws.  

Biodegradable and compostable: Our straws take one or two weeks to decompose and degrade properly. You should support “zero waste concepts” by choosing us as your business partner. Paper straws leave no toxic or chemical compounds in nature.  

  1. Natural: Plant-based materials are used to support eco-friendly occasions. It also leaves awesome feelings on your lips. 
  2. Comfortable to use: Well, all paper stars are very easy to use. Enjoy your memorable occasion with our straws.
  3. Eco-friendly in every way: We are also a flag bearer of eco-friendly straws. We sustain energy and natural resources while manufacturing our products.  
  4. Colourful and Custom Design: Celebrate your occasions with favourite colours and design. Our biodegradable straws are suitable for all events. 

Enjoy your Style and Celebrate the Occasion and Keep Clean and Green Environment.

Yes, if you are interested to reinforce our eco-friendly campaign by using paper straws, then do not hesitate to get a quote from us. Choose your design, choose your colour, and choose Wilbistraw.  

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Wilbistraw 360®

The first flexible paper straw ,

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