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Do you know the importance of paper straw in our society? Probably, you have heard the downsides of plastic straws. It has a usage span of 5 minutes but it takes hundreds of years to decompose and degrade properly in our environment.

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Why Should You Choose Paper Straws?

Paper straws are the most eco-friendly and economical materials for manufacturing cocktail straws. You know the effect of plastics, the drawbacks of glass, bamboo and metal straws. 

If you do not know, then read our article here

Therefore, paper straws are the only alternative, appropriate for your occasion. 

Why is Paper straw the Best for the Cocktail Party?

Wilbistraw is very colourful and well designed, suitable for any occasion. Whether it is a birthday party or cocktail party, we have a choice for you. 

Purchase paper cocktail straws at the best price from us. 

Comparison with Paper Straws Alternative- Which One is Best?

Well, the well-known alternatives are glass straws, plastic straws and metals straws.

Glass Straws Vs. Paper Straws

Yes, glass straw is better in many ways but you have to clean it properly. Glass straw is a more durable and luxurious item.

On the other hand, paper straw is cost-effective – it is also known as wholesale straws because you get to buy this in bulk. Paper straw is portable and easy to use.

If you want affordable straws, then paper straw is the best choice. 

Metal Straws Vs. Paper Straws

Metals straw has several drawbacks- it smells and tastes chemicals. Moreover, it is costly and not suitable for an event. 

On the other hand, if you want colourful straws best for your occasion, then you should think of paper straws.

Plastic Straws Vs. Paper Straws 

Plastic Straws have many drawbacks. Many restaurants and straw-savvy persons avoid plastic straws. It is dangerous for human- wild and aquatic animals. Probably, there is no comparison because paper straw is the sheer winner among these two. 

So, choose wholesale paper cocktail straws for your occasions. If you need advice on usage, price, colour combination and design just shoot an email; we will guide you to choose the best straw for your memorable occasion.

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