Who Needs Plastic Straws Anymore When We’ve Got Compostable straw?

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Plastic straws were integral parts of our life. All restaurant and bar owners offered plastic straws with drinks and beverages. After 2005, small business owners found an alternative to plastic straws. Then, new and innovative compostable plastic straws came into the market.  

People used to purchase reusable plastic straws for their household needs. Yes, there are other alternatives like metal straws, glass straws. However, plastic straws are easy to use and affordable. 

Compostable Straws are Not Eco-Friendly

Perhaps, you know this; if not then read our other articles, though we have many articles on this. 

Here are some reasons- 

Hundred Years to Compose

Compostable plastic straw takes hundreds of years to compose and degrade properly. Plastic straw is manufactured by using chemicals, so it emits toxin and chemicals in the environment. Therefore, it is harmful to our environment. 

Harmful for Aquatic and Wild Animals

Indeed, plastic straws are even more harmful to aquatic and wild animals. If you do not have proper recycling techniques in your locality, then all plastic straws wind up in the trash. Sometimes, wild animals take it as their food. Now, think –how disastrous it is!!

We should avoid plastic straws and find a better alternative of compostable straws. Luckily, we have many other alternatives- paper-drinking straw is one of them. 

Other Alternatives : Metal straws, Glass straws, Bamboo straws, Edible straws, Silicone straws.

Wilbistraw has taken a small step towards creating the plastic straw-free world.

Save the environment-save the animals.

We are the pioneer of the paper straw manufacturer. Purchase compostable and biodegradable paper straws from us at the best price. 

Do you need colourful straws for your kids’ birthday? Are you searching for customized straws for your wedding?

We have everything for you. Purchase the most innovative and eco-friendly paper drinking straws from us.

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