Paper Straws are a Compostable and Fun Alternative!

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Within the last few years, many restaurant owners have made an active push to remove plastic items. So what is the best alternative? The best alternative to plastic straws is paper-drinking straws. There are some non-plastic straws like metal straws, hay straws, silicone and glass straws as well. Yes, paper straws are the compostable and fun alternative.

Paper Straw is Biodegradable

As a paper straw manufacturer, we produce biodegradable and compostable straws, which break down easily within a month and do not harm ocean and wild animals. We use only natural ingredients and not chemicals to produce our eco-friendly straws. 

Paper Straw is Fun

Well, you get the colourful and custom-designed, professionally crafted paper drinking straws for your occasion. We have varieties in our collection. 

Attractive straws like dot, stripe, herringbone, stars are available. Buy paper straws on Wilbistraw and enjoy your occasion to the fullest.

Why is paper straw better than plastic straws?

Indeed, paper straws are much better than plastic straws. Let’s see some reasons- 

Compostable straws

Yes, there are compostable plastic straws in the market, but they are not compostable. You will wonder to know that plastic straws take 100 years to compost in nature. On the other hand, paper straws take 15 days.

Pollution Free 

Secondly, plastic straws are one of the important reasons behind soil and water pollution. All plastic straws end up in our waterways and farmlands. Thus, many aquatic and wild animals take it as their food. Paper straws are the best non-plastic alternative.

Chemical Free

Plastic straws emit chemical gas and toxin while composting. All these chemicals affect the ecological balance.

Now, you decide which is better for our environment.

If you want to buy paper straws at an affordable price, do not hesitate to get a quote from us.

Buy Paper Straws in Bulk

Are you searching for the best straws for an occasion? Purchase paper-drinking straws in bulk with customized designs and colors. Please send your requirements or call us at +33 185080888

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