How to Stop Using Plastic Straws?

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Are you ready to stop using plastic straws? If yes, then the first step would be to drink without plastic drinking straws. Well, it is a tough task for a straw savvy person. Wilbistraw has made it easy for you. We are the manufacturer of paper drinking straws, the best alternative of plastics. 

Find an Alternative

If you need reusable plastic straws at your home, try to find an alternative like glass, metal or silicone straws. Yes, these may be costly but more durable and eco friendly. 

However, if you need straws in bulk for your customers, buy biodegradable paper straws in bulk at the lowest price on Wilbistraw.

Provide Straws Only on Demand 

Besides, avoiding single-use plastic straws, you can request restaurants to provide straws when demanded. You can ask them to join in our eco-friendly campaign, use paper straws for their customers, and discover alternative sources. Similarly, you can survey all schools, colleges, and other institutions and advise them to avoid plastic straws in the canteen. 

Effects of Single-Use Plastic Straws

  • Single-use straws are utilized for a couple of moments and disposed of, where they will stay on the planet for many years. 
  • They are lightweight and effortlessly blown down into the waterways, streams, and seas.
  • Straws can be stuck in the mouth and nose of wild animals or whenever confused with food and ingested, it can be deadly.
  • Plastic straws are manufactured with harmful chemicals, and while composting, all these chemicals blend into nature and destroy our ecological balance. 

Our Recommendation

For any restaurants and bar owners who want to be in the “clean earth” campaign, we recommend purchasing our compostable and biodegradable straws bulk, as an alternative to plastic straws. 

Thousands of business owners use our paper drinking straws in France. If you want to be one of them, please get a quote from us or call us directly at +33 185080888.

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