5 Ways to Fight against Plastic Straws

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People use plastic drinking straws without thinking about the dismantling effect caused by this. We must fight against plastic straws. 

Moreover, after one-time use, even compostable plastic straws do not break completely. They will be around us for a long time- a hundred years. That is why; these are one of the most discovered things during cleanups.

  1. Make a Personal Commitment

Make a personal commitment by determining not to utilize plastic straws, and when you are requesting a drink, demand ‘no straw’. You can request your companions the same. Ordinary people like you and us can change the world.

  1. Get the Word Out

Talk with local restaurant owners about realizing a ‘straw upon demand’ strategy. Encourage those restaurants owners who are eager to receive this change by switching to an alternative straw such as paper straws, glass or bamboo straws. Some people will agree to use reusable plastic straws, but choosing an eco-friendly straw is the best option.

  1. Printed Business Cards

Have business cards printed with information to avoid plastic straws and its effect on the earth. Hand these cards out while taking care of your restaurant brands. Printed cards will get the words out without you saying anything and will have significant effects.

  1. Social Media Campaign

You can begin a social media campaign with your business brand to promote the alternative eco-friendly straws. This can be highly effective in this day.

  1. Purchase a Reusable Straw

A few people like to drink with straws, and that is all right. Simply buy a reusable straw. But do not buy reusable plastic straws. You can use glass or metal straws.

Best Straw to Buy

We recommend choosing paper straws because these are affordable and made of natural resources. Thus, you can take part in our green earth campaign. 

But if you need straws in bulk, then choose eco-friendly paper drinking straws. Wilbistraw is the best manufacturer of compostable and biodegradable paper straws. So contact us and order eco-friendly straws for your customers.

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