Paper Straws may be ‘Biodegradable’ but Are They really Better for the Environment than Plastic Ones

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We understand the ill effects of plastic straws. Therefore, we recommend you to use paper straws as an alternative. Many people ask – are they really better for the environment than plastic ones? Here, we will provide a brief view of this.  

Using proper biodegradable straws is always better for our environment. Here are four advantages of using paper straws over plastic straws. 

Paper Straws are Biodegradable and Compostable 

Regardless of whether you throw your plastic straws, they will wind up in landfills or the sea, where they can take a long time to decay. The biodegradable plastic straws take a hundred years to break into small pieces. 

On the other side, paper straws are completely biodegradable and compostable. If they wind up in the sea, they will begin to degrade within a week or two. 

Affordable Straws

As more organizations become aware of the negative impacts of plastic straws, interest for paper straws has risen. 

If you consider the bulk price, then both are cost-effective. Now, you have to think, which is the best eco-friendly choice? No doubt, paper straw is the winner. 

Paper Straws are Safe for Wild and Aquatic Life 

Paper straws are safe for natural life. These biodegradable drinking straws do not harm the environment. So if you consider all kinds of straws, you certainly find that paper straws are the best alternatives. 

Paper Straws are the Best Choice

Now, we need to tell why people think that paper straws are not eco friendly. You know that paper straws are manufactured from natural ingredients. All these come from trees. We know that cutting trees is not a great option. 

Still, we encourage our customers to plant more and more trees. If you consider this point, then we do not think you have any second thought before purchasing paper straws. 

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