What is Causing Companies to Move away from Plastic Straws?

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All plastic tools are harmful to the environment. Moreover, they are so thin that they cannot be recycled easily- as a result, they are found in the landfills and sea. After banning plastic straws, many consumers became aware of the side effect; this is the reason companies have moved away from plastic straws.

Now, what is the alternative? The best alternative for any business owner is paper straws. Wilbistraw is the manufacturer of eco-friendly paper wholesale straws.

Why are Companies not Using Plastic Straws?

Plastics are produced from harmful materials Polypropylene. Besides that, these take a hundred years to decompose and emit chemicals to nature. 

Various surveys show that plastics are the major eco pollutant. If these are exposed to the aquatic and wild animals, then they affect their digest systems. 

Besides that, it has several side effects like breaking the eco chain, air pollution, and severe chronic diseases to the human world.

What Will the Small Business Do?

Many small restaurant and bar owners use plastic tools for their customers. Now you should make little changes. For example-

Recyclable Bin

Provide a recyclable bin for your customers. If not, then arrange a blue and green bin to separate the waste. It not only saves the world but also it creates more awareness in your locality.

Reusable Tools

If you provide spoons, straws with drinks and beverages, then try reusable items. Supply these items only on demand; it will drastically reduce the wastage. Use paper items, because these are easily degradable and compostable. Besides that, paper straws are cost-effective and eco friendly.

Customers are aware these days- thanks to social media campaigns. We are hopeful for good practices and ecological development. This is our small initiative to promote the use of paper. Buy paper straws from us at the lowest price. If you are interested in our eco-product straws, then do not hesitate to get a quote from us.

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