Improve Your Paper Straw Performance with Wilbistraw

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Wilbistraw is one of the best paper straw manufacturers in France. We use eco-friendly raw materials to supply biodegradable and compostable products. 

If you are a restaurant or bar owner, please feel free to get a quote from us to improve your paper straw performance. Moreover, you can call us if you need our guidance on selecting the dimension, colours, design and logo.

Please read this article to get a brief overview of our products.

Customized Straws

We know all customers have different requirements. That is why; we offer five different paper straws. Besides that, you can place a custom order with us.

Please check out our varieties –

· Cocktail

· Normal

· Large

· Bubble Tea

· The Wilbistraw 360.

Our Features

Quality Items

We do not compromise our quality. Our products are suitable for cold drinks. We use paperboard packaging to reduce the use of plastics and other harmful chemicals. Indeed, if you need biodegradable and compostable straws for your business, then you should contact us.

Affordable Price

Generally, paper items are cheaper than other materials like metal, glass or plastic. With us, you can buy paper cocktail straws at the lowest price.

Certified and Authentic

All colours and raw materials are certified. We know different age groups use our items, so we make sure our products are genuine and safe. Besides that, we strengthen the design with 4 to 5 layers and apply food-grade varnish coating to make it water-resistant.

Why Should You Buy This for Your Business?

If you are using plastic straws for your business, then this is high time to search for an alternative. If you are reading this, then you have found the best alternative for your customers. Promote your business and encourage this eco-friendly initiative with our WilbiStraws.   

Please, visit our service page to know more about our products and still if you have questions about the quality and procedure, then do not hesitate to call us.

Wilbistraw 360®

The first flexible paper straw ,

pending patent.