Reusable Straws: Eco-friendly and Fun!

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A big brand like Starbucks has decided to avoid the use of plastic. Are you doing the same? If yes, then this article is for you, because today we are going to give you basic advice on reusable straws. It is fun and eco friendly.

You have five options in the market. Yes, there are more than these five. Still, these are the most popular in the market.

  • Glass Straws
  • Metal Straws
  • Bamboo Straws
  • Silicone Straws
  • Paper Straws

Advantages of Sustainable Straws

All the eco friendly straws have several advantages. This is the fun part.

  • All these straws are safe for children.
  • These are biodegradable and compostable. Please remember that plastics take a hundred years to decompose. But all these materials decompose within a few months.
  • Most of these straws are colourful and suitable for both daily and occasional use.

Best Eco-Products

All of these are great. But paper is the most affordable item in the list. Choose paper tools for your business to keep our environment safe.

Wilbistraw is the manufacturer of biodegradable and compostable paper drinking straws in France. If you need eco product straws, then you should choose this.

We offer various types of products.

· Cocktail

· Normal

· Large

· Bubble Tea

· The Wilbistraw 360.

About Our Straws

Our environmentally friendly straws are very easy to use and suitable for cold drinks. If you are searching for the best straws for your company or occasion, then paper items are great for you. With us, you will get the lowest price.

Our Features

  • All our raw materials are certified. We know that all age groups utilize our products. So we do not use harmful chemicals.
  • We take special care for our environment. We use paperboard packaging to strengthen our campaign for Green and Clean World.

If you are using plastic straws for your business, then this is high time to search for an alternative. 

Please, visit our service page to know more about our products and still if you have questions about the quality and procedure, then do not hesitate to call us.

Wilbistraw 360®

The first flexible paper straw ,

pending patent.