Here is What You can Do With Paper Cocktail Straws

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Paper cocktail straws are the best eco-products in the market. But today, we are going to focus on a different issue. Generally, these are purchased for daily use.  But the fun part is, you can also use these to show your creativity. Read this article to know what you can do with this straw.

1. Paper Easels

You can create small easels for your kids. These are also called miniature easels. Frame your child’s small pieces of art with these and encourage your child to be more creative.

2. Flag Posts

Make your child’s birthday more colourful with craft and messages. Stick two paper straws on the cake and hang the paper-cutting message on these. This is like a flag post. Try it, and gift a memorable day.

3. Cupcake Decoration

We all love to receive cupcakes. But it will be more delicious if you decorate it with colourful straws. Put straws on the cupcake and you can create various designs with straws and paper cuttings. Try this and share your creativity.

4. Snowflake Decorations

Christmas is coming. You can buy paper straws to make adorable snowflake decorations on gifts and cakes. Cut the straws into smaller pieces and join them to make it like a snowflake. But do not forget to put a seed on this to keep it in a particular place. Now wrap your gift with colourful papers and enjoy Christmas.

5. Hanging Frames

Create a paper frame and hang your memories on the wall. You can create different styles and decorations with this. Besides that, you should use colourful frames based on the colour of the wall. This is very interesting to learn. Now, this is the time to share your creativity with paper tools.

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