A Single Straw For Life – Our Top 5 Favourites

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We know, it is your habit to use straws. But you need to control the habit of using plastics. Then, what is the best choice? Here we are giving you five best eco straws for your daily use. 

1) Glass Straws

These are durable, user friendly, biodegradable and compostable. You can clean these very easily. These are luxurious to use and transparent. Yes, you can see the drinks you are consuming. 

You can wash these with a normal dishwasher. The only drawback is you cannot take hot drinks with it. Though the price is on the higher side, still you should purchase these for your daily needs.  

2) Stainless Steel Straws

These are recyclable and safe for your health. These are not made with harmful chemicals. Choose these materials and switch your plastic straws. Now you can put it in your bag and utilize it whenever you need. These are also useful in daily life.

3) Telescopic Stainless Steel Straws

Yes, these are the latest version of the stainless straws. These are more durable, and easily recyclable. You can fold these straws very easily. Overall, all features are the same. You can purchase these straws as well.

4) Bamboo Straws  

These are the best eco friendly straws. They are made from organic sources- bamboo stalks. These are BPA free and lead-free tools to utilize with your drinks. You can clean them with warm water. 

These are long-lasting and durable straws. It would be best if you bought this for daily use.

5) Paper Straws

These are best for restaurant and bar owners. However, these are single-use straws, but compostable and biodegradable. Wilbistraw is a popular manufacturer of bulk straws. 

We have varieties of paper straws for various purposes. Moreover, you can order customized straws with the brand logo, colour, dimension for your business.

If you want to buy paper straws or have queries related to our products, then feel free to call us.

Wilbistraw 360®

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