Are Plastic Straws the New Smoking?

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Plastic is injurious to our health. We should avoid the use of plastics. Then, what are the alternatives? We have many articles on this. 

We have alternatives like metal, glass, silicone and paper. Which one is your favourite? Please comment below.

However, we are the manufacturer of biodegradable straws, if you have questions regarding our paper straws, then feel free to call us.

Are Plastic Straws the New Smoking?

Yes, it harms the human body in the same way as a cigarette. Here we are going to talk about the harmful effects of this straw.  

Not Recyclable

These are made with thin plastics, and hard to recycle. Yes, many restaurant owners use reusable plastic straws. But those are not good at all. You should use alternative materials like paper.  

Property Damage

It causes property damage. The interesting thing is, the single-use straw is one of the top five elements removed from the sand. 


It is not biodegradable and compostable. It takes hundreds of years to decompose. Besides that, it emits toxins and chemicals while decomposing.  

Goes into Landfills

Plastic drinking straws stay in the landfills. These are not biodegradable, so it stays forever. We recommend using paper tools as an alternative.

Harm Ecological Balance

It harms wild and aquatic animals. They take it as food, and we consume them. Thus it harms human beings as well.

Brands like McDonald’s and Starbucks stopped the use of plastics. Are you going to do the same?

Choose Wilbistraw

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