Which reusable straw is best for you?

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Plastic straws are used for a few minutes, but they stay for over 50 years in our landfills. They are not biodegradable and compostable. Besides that, you may face the same problem with reusable plastic straws. Yes, you can reuse them, but they are hard to recycle.

What is the best reusable straw for you? Today, we are trying to find out this for you.

Steel Straws

In the past couple of months, steel straws have been in high demand because they are durable and available in the market. Besides that, these are portable and suitable only for cold drinks. Only the problem is it sounds and smells metallic. Indeed, you can try this for your daily use.

Bamboo Straws

We can observe these popular non plastic straws in the forest region. These are not durable still you may spend a good holiday on an island with your family members. Moreover, these are biodegradable, safe and coming from natural resources.  This is fun; you should use it at least once in your life.

Glass Straws

These are costly and luxurious to use. These reusable items are perhaps the best choice to single-use plastics. You can get these in different sizes. These are durable, transparent items for your daily use.

Silicone Straws

This is another kind of straws you can purchase for your kitchen. Indeed, these are safe for children. These are flexible, durable, and reusable. These are washable and suitable for both hot and cold drinks.

Paper Straws

If you are a business owner and you need straws for your company with a brand logo and colour, then Wilbistraw is the best choice for you. We are a popular biodegradable, and compostable straws manufacturer in France. Indeed, these are durable, affordable and eco-friendly.

If you have queries or want to know more about our product, then please feel free to call us.

Wilbistraw 360®

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