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If you are reading this post, then you know the harmful effects of plastics. You should choose green remedies. For this, the best option is biodegradable drinking straws.

Wilbistraw is the leading manufacturer of paper straws. Here we will provide five reasons why you should switch to eco-friendly items.

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#1 Hard to Recycle

You know that plastic is very hard to recycle because these are made of thin plastics. Moreover, they end up in landfills and pollute our environment.

#2 Decomposing

 Most plastic tools are produced from unsafe materials like Polypropylene, and they take a hundred years to decompose. On the other hand, the paper takes a week to decompose. That is why you should use biodegradable straws

#3 Eco Friendly

One survey shows that approximately 700 million plastics are being discarded in a Year. They have a use span of approx 20 minutes. However, by changing to paper, your business will contribute to our green world campaign. 

#4 Best Alternative

Many people want straws with drinks and beverages, but we do not recommend plastic straws for this purpose. Please purchase eco straws for your business, because these are BPA free and do not pollute our environment.

If you need paper items in bulk for your business, please feel free to get a quote from us. We will offer the lowest price in France.

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#5 Affordable Item

Paper straws are the most affordable items in the market. Even small business owners and start-ups can afford it.

Moreover, now you can customize the design, dimension, add your brand logo, and color to promote your business. Besides that, we have various designs and colors for different purposes. Please visit our service page to know more about it.  

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