Child’s play: shaping their future with better straws

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Many surveys proved that plastic is one of the major pollutants in our country. Persons with disability and senior citizens need straws. Besides that, many businesses like restaurants and bars need straws for their customers. 

We request you to choose any of the compostable straws to create a pollution-free world for the next generation.

For this, we are providing five alternatives to plastic straws.

Steel Straws

These are in high demand now. This is a trendy, affordable and durable alternative in the market. If you need straws for regular use, then it is an excellent choice for you.

Bamboo Straws

Do you have a vacation plan? Then buy this eco straw and enjoy drinks with your family and friends. It is organic, affordable in islands and forest regions.

Glass Straws

Yes, it is a very costly and luxurious item. It is transparent, washable, reusable and available in various sizes and colours. It is durable and suitable for your daily use.

Indeed, most of them are shatter-resistant and specially designed to last for a lifetime. Many manufacturers use borosilicate glass to make it more durable.

Silicone Straws

It is the most flexible and user-friendly alternative, suitable for children. However, various silicone straws are available for all age groups. It is durable, reusable and affordable.

Paper Straws

If you are a business owner and want straws for your company with a brand logo and colour, our paper item is the best choice. 

Many people advise you to use reusable plastic straws, but paper items are far better than plastics.

Wilbistraw is a famous biodegradable and compostable paper items manufacturer in France. We use our certified raw materials and colours. Indeed, these are affordable and eco-friendly.

If you have queries or want to know more about our product, please feel free to call us.

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