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Straws Suck, but you don’t have to

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Straws suck, but you don’t have to

Are you a straw-savvy person? Then, this article is for you.

Many governments restricted the use of plastics because straws suck. But here we are providing the ways to find an alternative in this market. 

If you are a restaurant and bar owner and you do not know what is the best alternative for your customers to serve with the drinks, then you should use sustainable straws for them.  

You may have learned about biodegradable plastic straws. Is it a better alternative? Sorry to say, it is not. It takes hundreds of years to decompose and destroy our ecological balance.

What is the best alternative to plastic straws?

The only option is the eco straws. Here we will give you a short overview of five eco products.

Glass Straws

This is an excellent choice for daily users. However, the price is not affordable, it is still usable, stylish and durable.

Metal straws

These are durable and reusable. Many people use these in Europe, but the downsides are it can influence the taste of your drink and is not appropriate for hot drinks.

Silicone Straws

These are very popular now for its flexibility and durability. You can clean these easily with a dishwasher. Definitely, you can purchase these for your family.

Bamboo Straws

These are perfect for islanders. It is a hundred percent natural product but not quite available in the market.

Paper Straws

These are the best straws for business owners. These are not reusable. Moreover, these are affordable, biodegradable and compostable. Although these are not suitable for hot drinks.

Choose Wilbistraw for Your Business

Here we have reviewed different materials, their pros and cons. Now you know if you want to avoid plastic tools, then there are many other alternatives. These are brilliant for daily users. But if you need these in bulk for your customers, then you should choose paper straws.

Wilbistraw provides the opportunity to promote your brand with these tools. How can we do this? We take customized orders where you can set the dimension, size, colour and put the logo on your ordered straws.

Still, if you have questions, do not hesitate to call us.

Paper straw: A Biodegradable drinking straw

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biodegradable plastic straws

Due to the bad impact of plastic straws, a big list of people in the world is making a speedy move toward paper straws as according to a number of surveys it is found that these straws are really the worst for marine life and human lives too. Unquestionably, plastic is delivered by oil, a non-inexhaustible petroleum derivative that may take about 500 years to decay in landfills in the ocean, killing animals, turtles and other sea creatures. Plastic straws don’t biodegrade, rather, they photodegrade (from sunlight) or they degenerate into humble pieces called small scale plastics, on the other hand, paper straws are biodegradable, and they are easy to use too. 

Have a look at the benefits of using paper straws…

  1. The easy cleaning nature of these straws will spare your time and stress, and leave you with a huge peacefulness understanding that your friendly straws are cleaned to perfection! To use the paper straw you will need to just wash and spot in the dishwasher! Little upkeep required. 
  1. As compared to other straws paper straws are economical. The reusable and biodegradable straws are progressively manageable, in any case, they are on a very basic level more affordable as time goes on than biodegradable plastic straws
  1. With the larger part being dumped in the ocean and collecting into mountain extents of landfills, 335 million metric tons of plastic are delivered each year. Moreover, it will take a whole thousand years before most of this plastic is decomposed, leaving not simply us, however the age to come, to encounter the evil impacts of dangerous contaminants that channel into our water, environment and soil. 
  1. Biodegradable paper straws warehouse supplies just 100% synthetic-free and characteristic straws going from without rust and child neighbourly hardened steel, BPA free glass, and naturally antibacterial bamboo straws to add to the advantages.