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Biodegradable & Eco Straws Could Be the Next Alternatives to Plastic Straws

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Biodegradable & Eco Straws

Wilbistraw always promotes biodegradable items. If you are still using plastic straws, then this is the time to find an alternative to it, because today we are going to tell you about the eco straws, which will keep our environment green and clean.

Glass Straws

These are the best environmentally friendly straws and are very luxurious. However, the cost is high, but the style and durability are great. Indeed, you can buy this for your kitchen.

Metal Straw

This is one of the popular biodegradable straws in the market. These are reusable, durable and washable too. The only problem is, these can change the taste of your drink and are only suitable for cold drinks.

Silicone Straws

These are flexible, reusable and perfect for daily use. You can clean these with a normal dishwasher. These are transparent and popular tools in the market. These are not manufactured by plastic and harmful chemicals. That is why these are very safe for children as well.

Bamboo Straws

This is the best natural product, mostly available in the forest region and islands. If you are a restaurant or a bar owner, then you should purchase these for your customers and serve these with a paper umbrella. 

Paper Straws

This is the best eco-product in the market, and we manufacture biodegradable and compostable paper drinking straws in France. These are not reusable, but perfect for any occasion..

If you are a business owner and want straws for your customers, then this is the best choice for you. We use BPA free, certified food-grade raw materials. Moreover, the cost is affordable. Besides that, with us, you will get plenty of features like brand promotions.

Do you want to order paper straws for your occasion? Then get a quote from us. Still, if you have questions and want to know more about the eco products, then do not hesitate to call us directly.