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5 Eco-Friendly Reasons Why Your Business should Switch to Biodegradable straws

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Single-use plastics are a big issue these days. If you search on social media, you find many green initiatives to reduce this use. Here we will provide five eco-friendly reasons why your business should switch to biodegradable straws.

Plastic straws are the major pollutant in Europe so reduce the use of these straws. However, the best alternative for businesses would be paper straws.

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#1 Plastic is Hard to Recycle

Throwing plastic straws into the recyclable bin is not enough to protect the environment. These straws are very thin to recycle. This implies they end up in landfills or the sea, regardless of your timely disposal.

#2 Decomposing Takes Two Hundred Years

Plastics can take many years to decompose. Most plastic straws are produced from unsafe materials like Polypropylene. Moreover, in the sea, plastic straws never completely disintegrate—they break into littler microplastics. 

However, it is seen that a standard straw has a use span of 20 minutes, but it takes two hundred years to degrade. But its alternative papers take one week to decompose.

#3 Protect the Environment with Eco-friendly Straws

Every year, we discard several billions of plastic straws in Europe. The truth is—each day, we utilize approximately 700 million plastics. However, by changing to paper, your business can enormously decrease this number.

#4 Alternatives for Straw- Savvy Customers

Many people want straws with drinks and beverages. So you have two ways- firstly, you can provide straws only upon demand. Secondly, purchase biodegradable straws bulk for them. These materials do not contain BPAs. 

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#5 Paper Straws are Affordable

Well, paper straws are very cheap, and business owners can afford it easily. Wilbistraw accepts bulk orders. Moreover, now you can customize the design, colour and dimension with us. If you want paper straws, please do not hesitate to call us directly.