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Raise the Environmental Bar with These Biodegradable Straws

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Raise The Environmental Bar With These Biodegradable Straws

The environment is our friend, and hence it is essential to use environmentally friendly products. One of the best ways to switch to biodegradable straws is to select Wilbistraw.  

Biodegradable straws are the best alternative to plastic straws, which have been used for ages. They are environmentally friendly, reusable and are available in various forms in the market today. 

All age groups use our products with drinks and beverages. Today, we are going to tell you about other eco-friendly alternatives. 

Compostable Straws

Various kinds of compostable straws are available, which after their use, can be composted as fertilizers. 


Glass is yet another option for biodegradable straws. Easy to cast and use, glass serves as one of the most accessible types of straws. 


Metals such as steel or aluminium can be used for manufacturing straws. It may change the taste and smell of your drinks. However, metal straws are still great. 


Plant-based bamboo straws are simple and very effective. They can be used for a good duration of time and since it is plant-based can be easily composted after use. 


Straws made of paper are very simple and take about a couple of days to degrade. They are a great alternative to plastic straws. 

Advantages of using Wilbistraws 

The advantages of using our products are as follows: 

  • These are eco-friendly and water-resistant. 
  • These are eco-friendly and hence help in reducing the carbon footprint on the environment. 
  • Even biodegradable plastic straws are found to be toxic, but our items help in creating overall wellness for the human being. 
  • We also take custom orders with your business brand logo and colour. 

If you need our items in bulk or want to place a custom order, please get a quote from us or call us directly. 

Biodegradable straws|biodegradable straws bulk|biodegradable drinking straws

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Biodegradable straws

If you are reading this post, then you know the harmful effects of plastics. You should choose green remedies. For this, the best option is biodegradable drinking straws.

Wilbistraw is the leading manufacturer of paper straws. Here we will provide five reasons why you should switch to eco-friendly items.

Visit our service page or get a quote from us.

#1 Hard to Recycle

You know that plastic is very hard to recycle because these are made of thin plastics. Moreover, they end up in landfills and pollute our environment.

#2 Decomposing

 Most plastic tools are produced from unsafe materials like Polypropylene, and they take a hundred years to decompose. On the other hand, the paper takes a week to decompose. That is why you should use biodegradable straws

#3 Eco Friendly

One survey shows that approximately 700 million plastics are being discarded in a Year. They have a use span of approx 20 minutes. However, by changing to paper, your business will contribute to our green world campaign. 

#4 Best Alternative

Many people want straws with drinks and beverages, but we do not recommend plastic straws for this purpose. Please purchase eco straws for your business, because these are BPA free and do not pollute our environment.

If you need paper items in bulk for your business, please feel free to get a quote from us. We will offer the lowest price in France.

Get a quote from us

#5 Affordable Item

Paper straws are the most affordable items in the market. Even small business owners and start-ups can afford it.

Moreover, now you can customize the design, dimension, add your brand logo, and color to promote your business. Besides that, we have various designs and colors for different purposes. Please visit our service page to know more about it.  

Let’s Talk Straws: Biodegradable Straws or Reusable Straws?

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biodegradable straws

Wilbistraw is the manufacturer of biodegradable straws. Indeed, governments are banning single-use plastics to control pollution. 

For instance, large brands such as Starbucks and McDonalds have decided to choose an alternative.

Do you need bulk straws for your business? You are at the right place. Feel free to get a quote from us.  

However, some companies promise to manufacture biodegradable plastic strawsThe truth is, plastics are not biodegradable. Instead of that, you should choose paper, glass, metal items for your business and kitchen.

Reusable Straws

If you are running a business, this is the high time to choose your favourite alternative.

Glass Straws

These are very luxurious items for your kitchen. The best part is, these are transparent, washable and reusable. Relax; these are made of durable glasses. You can use them for a long time.  

Metal Straws

These are strong, durable and washable items. You cannot use them with hot drinks. Moreover, they can influence the smell and taste of your drink.

Paper Straws

We are the manufacture of bulk paper products. That is why; we know the pros and cons of these items. These are flexible, eco friendly, compostable and biodegradable. These are the most affordable straws in the market. 

Only drawbacks are these items are not washable and reusable. We offer five coated, durable paper straws for your business and occasions.

Place a custom order with us

Biodegradable Straws Help Achieve Sustainability Goals

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Urban areas across the nation are banning the single-use plastics to control the wastage and keep the ecological balance. That is why you should choose biodegradable straws. Moreover, it will help you to achieve sustainable goals.

Large companies such as Starbucks and McDonalds have decided to choose an alternative. If you are running a business, then this is the high time to choose your favourite alternative.


Do not use plastic products at your premises. The polypropylene is not good for our health and the environment. Some cheap plastics contain poisonous synthetic materials like Lead.

Many people think that reusable plastic straws are the best alternative. But these are hard to recycle. They take a hundred years to decompose. 

We recommend choosing metal or glass as an alternative. Glasses are very luxurious to use at your premises but very tough to maintain. Metals are not suitable for hot drinks. On the other hand, all these are very costly.    

The Best Alternative

Wilbistraw is the manufacturer of biodegradable and compostable paper drinking straws. If you need bulk items for your business, then this is the best choice for you.

Paper straws are affordable and eco-friendly; these are far better than biodegradable plastic straws

However, the truth is, customers need to take major roles to protect our environment. First, make a change in your business, and then encourage others to do the needful changes.

Our products are certified; we do not use any harmful chemicals. Besides that, we help other brands to grow by manufacturing custom orders with brand colour and logo.  

Please feel free to call us to explore our varieties and get an exclusive quote for your company. Besides that, do not forget to follow us on social media for the latest updates and offers.

Be a member of our large community and save this environment for the next generation.

5 Eco-Friendly Reasons Why Your Business should Switch to Biodegradable straws

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biodegradable straws

Single-use plastics are a big issue these days. If you search on social media, you find many green initiatives to reduce this use. Here we will provide five eco-friendly reasons why your business should switch to biodegradable straws.

Plastic straws are the major pollutant in Europe so reduce the use of these straws. However, the best alternative for businesses would be paper straws.

Wilbistraw is the leading manufacturer of paper biodegradable drinking straws. Visit our service page or get a quote from us.

#1 Plastic is Hard to Recycle

Throwing plastic straws into the recyclable bin is not enough to protect the environment. These straws are very thin to recycle. This implies they end up in landfills or the sea, regardless of your timely disposal.

#2 Decomposing Takes Two Hundred Years

Plastics can take many years to decompose. Most plastic straws are produced from unsafe materials like Polypropylene. Moreover, in the sea, plastic straws never completely disintegrate—they break into littler microplastics. 

However, it is seen that a standard straw has a use span of 20 minutes, but it takes two hundred years to degrade. But its alternative papers take one week to decompose.

#3 Protect the Environment with Eco-friendly Straws

Every year, we discard several billions of plastic straws in Europe. The truth is—each day, we utilize approximately 700 million plastics. However, by changing to paper, your business can enormously decrease this number.

#4 Alternatives for Straw- Savvy Customers

Many people want straws with drinks and beverages. So you have two ways- firstly, you can provide straws only upon demand. Secondly, purchase biodegradable straws bulk for them. These materials do not contain BPAs. 

Get a quote from us

#5 Paper Straws are Affordable

Well, paper straws are very cheap, and business owners can afford it easily. Wilbistraw accepts bulk orders. Moreover, now you can customize the design, colour and dimension with us. If you want paper straws, please do not hesitate to call us directly.

Biodegradable straws |Compostable straws |Bulk paper straws |Paper straws

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biodegradable straws |compostable straws |bulk paper straws |paper straws

Wilbistraw is the best biodegradable and compostable paper straw manufacturer in France. Moreover, we utilize natural ingredients to manufacture our products. This is a small step towards making the green world. Many restaurant and bar owners use plastic straws, which are not eco friendly. That is why we advise them to use our product as an alternative.

Benefits of Our Straws

  • We utilize innovative technology to make our straws water-resistant.
  • We manufacture eco-friendly biodegradable straws.
  • We offer various designs and colours. The best product is the 360-degree straws.
  • Buy bulk paper straws at the lowest price.
  • Our five-layered paper straws are flexible and easy to use.
  • We use eco products to pack shipping items.
  • We offer fast delivery for both small and large quantity orders. Please read our shipping policy to know more about it.

Why Should You Use Paper Straws?

If you need bulk straws for your business, then our compostable straws are the best choice. Besides paper straws, you have only one choice and that is plastic straws. But we know the harmful effect of plastic straws.

Plastic takes two hundred years to decompose, but paper takes only two weeks. Besides that, plastic emits chemicals and gases in this process. So the paper is the best eco-friendly alternative in the market. With Wilbistraw, you get customized straws to promote your brand.

How Do You Promote Your Brand with Wilbistraw?

Promoting your brand with Wilbistraw is very easy. You can use our customized straws for this. Now you can customize the length, colour, dimension, pattern and wrapping with us. You can add your brand colour and logo. Our expert manufacturers will give you the exact outcome of your imagination.

If you are interested in purchasing paper straws in bulk, then kindly get a quote from us. If you want to know more about our process and products, then please visit our service page or call us directly.

Paper Straws may be ‘Biodegradable’ but Are They really Better for the Environment than Plastic Ones

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biodegradable drinking straws

We understand the ill effects of plastic straws. Therefore, we recommend you to use paper straws as an alternative. Many people ask – are they really better for the environment than plastic ones? Here, we will provide a brief view of this.  

Using proper biodegradable straws is always better for our environment. Here are four advantages of using paper straws over plastic straws. 

Paper Straws are Biodegradable and Compostable 

Regardless of whether you throw your plastic straws, they will wind up in landfills or the sea, where they can take a long time to decay. The biodegradable plastic straws take a hundred years to break into small pieces. 

On the other side, paper straws are completely biodegradable and compostable. If they wind up in the sea, they will begin to degrade within a week or two. 

Affordable Straws

As more organizations become aware of the negative impacts of plastic straws, interest for paper straws has risen. 

If you consider the bulk price, then both are cost-effective. Now, you have to think, which is the best eco-friendly choice? No doubt, paper straw is the winner. 

Paper Straws are Safe for Wild and Aquatic Life 

Paper straws are safe for natural life. These biodegradable drinking straws do not harm the environment. So if you consider all kinds of straws, you certainly find that paper straws are the best alternatives. 

Paper Straws are the Best Choice

Now, we need to tell why people think that paper straws are not eco friendly. You know that paper straws are manufactured from natural ingredients. All these come from trees. We know that cutting trees is not a great option. 

Still, we encourage our customers to plant more and more trees. If you consider this point, then we do not think you have any second thought before purchasing paper straws. 

Wilbistraw is the best manufacturer of paper drinking straws. Please choose your design and colour and get a quote from us.

Make Your Restaurant Nature Friendly with the Best Biodegradable Straws

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biodegradable straws

Choose the perfect way to save nature and promote your business by using nature-friendly biodegradable straws. Wilbistraw manufactures the best biodegradable and compostable paper drinking straws.

Do you use plastic straws? Then, this is the best time to raise awareness in your locality and purchase the best eco-friendly straws. 

The best biodegradable alternatives

Restaurants offer straws with drinks and beverages. Therefore, it is very important to find eco-friendly alternatives for them. Plastic straw has a use span of ten minutes, but it takes a hundred years to degrade. So here, we are giving you a list of the best alternative for your restaurants

Paper Drinking Straws

A paper drinking straw is the best alternative in the market. It is affordable and compostable. Moreover, it is excellent for cold drinks and cocktails; suitable for all occasions. It does not emit metallic or chemical smells.

If you want to purchase our wholesale paper straws, do not hesitate to get a quote from us.   

Glass Straws

A glass straw is very luxurious and costly. It is good for daily use. As it is transparent, you can easily clean it with a dishwasher. It is suitable for both hot and cold drinks. 

Metal Straws

It is also fantastic for household needs. You cannot have hot drinks with it. The only drawback of metal straw is its metallic taste and smell. However, it is not so easy to clean, but it is durable and useful. 

Other Alternatives

There are many other alternatives, like bamboo straws, silicone straws, and edible straws

Bamboo straw is mostly used in islands. Silicon straws and edible straws are innovative and modern straws. 

Silicone straws are very safe for kids because these are bendy and chewy. On the other hand, edible straws are produced from seaweed-based materials, which are biodegradable and waste-free.  

No doubt, these are excellent for all straw savvy persons. But if you are a restaurant owner, then paper straw will be the best choice for you.

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Biodegradable Drinking Straws | Reusable Plastic Straws | Compostable Plastic Straws

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biodegradable drinking straws | reusable plastic straws | compostable plastic straws

As a paper straw manufacturer, we have to play a major role in our society- for the betterment of our society. We know that human is a superior creature, and we want to keep our mother earth clean and green. Wilbistraw only manufactures compostable and biodegradable drinking straws

As a responsible citizen, the first step should be to avoid plastic straws. There are many reusable and compostable plastic straws in the market. Well, these plastic straws are compostable, but those take years to compost even emit chemicals in nature. 

The next question, you can ask is- What is the solution? Is there any alternative of reusable straws? Yes, there are many alternatives. We recommend paper straws. 

Why is it so important to ban all kinds of plastics?  

Well, various researches and reports reveal the harmful effects of using plastics. It has a life span of a few minutes but stays hundreds of years to destroy our eco-balance. You will come up with the same results by accepting reusable plastic straws. It damages aquatic and wild lives.  

We have written many articles on this. Please read all of them.  

Features of Wilbistraw

We can be the best choice for any eco-conscious citizen. Our recyclable straws support the ecological movement. We work hard to produce high quality, well-designed, colourful paper straws for all of our customers. 

Get a quote from us 

  1. Eco-friendly: We manufacture ecologically beneficial paper straws.  

Biodegradable and compostable: Our straws take one or two weeks to decompose and degrade properly. You should support “zero waste concepts” by choosing us as your business partner. Paper straws leave no toxic or chemical compounds in nature.  

  1. Natural: Plant-based materials are used to support eco-friendly occasions. It also leaves awesome feelings on your lips. 
  2. Comfortable to use: Well, all paper stars are very easy to use. Enjoy your memorable occasion with our straws.
  3. Eco-friendly in every way: We are also a flag bearer of eco-friendly straws. We sustain energy and natural resources while manufacturing our products.  
  4. Colourful and Custom Design: Celebrate your occasions with favourite colours and design. Our biodegradable straws are suitable for all events. 

Enjoy your Style and Celebrate the Occasion and Keep Clean and Green Environment.

Yes, if you are interested to reinforce our eco-friendly campaign by using paper straws, then do not hesitate to get a quote from us. Choose your design, choose your colour, and choose Wilbistraw.  

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Biodegradable Drinking Plastic Straws |Eco friendly straws

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biodegradable drinking plastic straws

Pollution of plastic is one of the greatest environmental challenges of our times, with statistics appearing there will be more plastic in the sea than there are fish, and other marine life by volume, by 2050. Eateries, venues worldwide and foundations worldwide are attempting to battle plastic contamination by wiping out biodegradable plastic straws. 

At a present time, eateries, hospitals, online stores, and airline brands have disposed of single-utilized plastic straws, however, there is a number of urban communities have prohibited plastic straws altogether. Simultaneously, there is a number of big brands are moving from plastic to biodegradable drinking plastic straws and other maintainable options… 

Compostable straws 

The plastic alternative you will likely start seeing the most in hotels and from significant nourishment Industries are compostable straws that look and feel like the plastic straws you’re utilized to. 

It is vital to jot down that emerging investigator suggests that biodegradable straw bulk like paper straws choices are not as eco friendly as we suspected. 

Paper straws 

Do you know? Before using the plastic straws we used to use paper straws only. Biodegradable Straws take only 45–90 days to break down and give an eco-friendly alternative in contrast to plastic straws. 

Glass straws 

Though you may think glass straws will be costly, we believe the value of glass straws is much less than your life, so you can use this alternative too to avoid the use of biodegradable plastic straws.

Metal straws 

Made of stainless steel, or even titanium, aluminum, metal straws have become a popular other alternatives. They draw some analysis—for having the taste of beverage from metallic straws, directing warmth from a hot beverage, and clanking against the teeth—on the other hand, they’re sturdy to move and reuse.


That one is the favorite straws of many beverage lovers, as this material can be economically delivered and is a plant-based option in the alternative to plastic straws. These Bamboo straws are easy to reuse, however, at the same time, it can be difficult to clean totally. At the point when it’s a great opportunity to discard them, they’re effectively compostable.

Bendable straws 

At the point when bendable straws were first made during the 1940s, they were a boon in human services settings to assist patients with drinking without sitting up. Plastic bendable straws have become the safe, minimal effort default in such settings—yet the hunt is on for greener other options.

Customers, cafés, pubs, and industries accept they are settling on a naturally solid decision by utilizing or offering eco-friendly and biodegradable straws like paper straws over single-utilize plastic straws. They are produced using natural happening, plants material, for example, inexhaustible assets like cornstarch or sugar stick and other tree’s wood.