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Child’s play: shaping their future with better straws

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Child’s Play: Shaping Their Future With Better Straws

Many surveys proved that plastic is one of the major pollutants in our country. Persons with disability and senior citizens need straws. Besides that, many businesses like restaurants and bars need straws for their customers. 

We request you to choose any of the compostable straws to create a pollution-free world for the next generation.

For this, we are providing five alternatives to plastic straws.

Steel Straws

These are in high demand now. This is a trendy, affordable and durable alternative in the market. If you need straws for regular use, then it is an excellent choice for you.

Bamboo Straws

Do you have a vacation plan? Then buy this eco straw and enjoy drinks with your family and friends. It is organic, affordable in islands and forest regions.

Glass Straws

Yes, it is a very costly and luxurious item. It is transparent, washable, reusable and available in various sizes and colours. It is durable and suitable for your daily use.

Indeed, most of them are shatter-resistant and specially designed to last for a lifetime. Many manufacturers use borosilicate glass to make it more durable.

Silicone Straws

It is the most flexible and user-friendly alternative, suitable for children. However, various silicone straws are available for all age groups. It is durable, reusable and affordable.

Paper Straws

If you are a business owner and want straws for your company with a brand logo and colour, our paper item is the best choice. 

Many people advise you to use reusable plastic straws, but paper items are far better than plastics.

Wilbistraw is a famous biodegradable and compostable paper items manufacturer in France. We use our certified raw materials and colours. Indeed, these are affordable and eco-friendly.

If you have queries or want to know more about our product, please feel free to call us.

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Paper straws |eco products straws |compostable straws

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Paper straws |eco products straws |compostable straws

Plastic products are the leading cause of pollution. We should avoid these.

Is there any alternative?

Yes, today we are going to tell you about the non plastic straws. You have options like Glass, Metal, Paper and Silicone straw.

Let’s discuss it in more detail:

Glass Straws

These are very luxurious, colourful, costly and washable. You should try this.

Metal Straws

These are portable, durable, washable and suitable for cold drinks.

Silicone Straws

These are flexible and suitable for children.

Paper Straws

These are not reusable, but water-resistant, suitable for drinks and beverages. These are the best compostable straws in the market.

Wilbistraw is the manufacture of paper products. We provide you with various items with customized features.

Customized Paper Straw

Now we are offering various paper straws, suitable for all occasions.

Please check out our varieties:

  • Cocktail
  • Normal
  • Large
  • Bubble Tea
  • The Wilbistraw 360

Our Features

Add Brand Logo

With us, you can place an order with custom design, colour, and dimension. Besides that, you can add the logo to promote your brand to customers. 

Please visit our service page or book a call with us to know more about this.

Full Satisfaction

We offer the lowest price in the market, but we do not compromise the quality. We offer water-resistant, durable, high-quality bulk items for businesses and other occasions. Moreover, we ensure 100% satisfaction.

Certified and Authentic

All our products, factory and raw materials are certified. Moreover, we use paperboards for shipping. In this way, we support sustainable growth. We welcome you on our journey.

Why Should You Buy This for Your Business?

Paper is the best choice because it is one of the best biodegradable and compostable alternatives. It takes one week to break into pieces. On the other hand, plastic takes one hundred years. Many large brands like McDonald’s, Starbucks have found their alternatives to plastics.

Buy paper items– set design, colours, dimension and logo, and we will ensure the quality and delivery.

A Whole New World, Without Plastic Straws

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plastic drinking straws

Can you imagine life without plastics? Yes, it is tough, but not impossible. Today we are going to tell you how the situation is changing and how many business owners are switching to non-plastic straws.  

Why Should You Avoid These? 

Plastic drinking straws are one of the major pollutants in this country. Besides that, these are non-biodegradable and take two hundred years to decompose. These emit harmful chemicals while decomposing naturally.

It destroys the ecological balance and harms wild and aquatic animals. There are many other reasons. Here we have provided you with the nutshell; we have many articles on these.

Why should you use this, if the big brands are changing their requirements? Here is a brief overview of this-

How is the Situation Changing?

According to Bloomberg, Disney is cooperating to make the green and the clean world, and they have decided to stop the use of these plastics.

Besides that, The Washington Post reported that Seattle is going to ban drinking straws. Moreover, Starbucks announced that they would avoid the single-use plastic tools by 2020.

So what is about you? Are you going to find a compostable straw?

What is the Best Alternative to Plastic?

Paper straw is the best alternative in the market. Besides that, you have many alternative materials such as metal, glass, silicone and bamboo tools. But these are perfect if you are a daily user and buy this for your kitchen.

But if you are a restaurant or a bar owner? What will you do? We recommend paper for you. Moreover, BBC News reported that McDonald’s would replace plastic tools with paper ones in the UK and Ireland.  

Wilbistraw is a leading manufacturer of biodegradable and compostable paper straws in France. If you want to purchase paper straws in bulk at the lowest price, then feel free to call us.


Golum, Rob, “Disney Joins Cast of Companies Abandoning Plastic Straws,” Bloomberg, 2018.

Wootson, Jr., Cleve R., “Seattle becomes first major U.S. city to ban straws,” The Washington Post, 2018.

“McDonald’s to ditch plastic straws,” BBC News, 2018.

“Starbucks to Eliminate Plastic Straws Globally by 2020,” Starbucks, 2018.

Paper Straws are a Compostable and Fun Alternative!

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Buy Paper Straws

Within the last few years, many restaurant owners have made an active push to remove plastic items. So what is the best alternative? The best alternative to plastic straws is paper-drinking straws. There are some non-plastic straws like metal straws, hay straws, silicone and glass straws as well. Yes, paper straws are the compostable and fun alternative.

Paper Straw is Biodegradable

As a paper straw manufacturer, we produce biodegradable and compostable straws, which break down easily within a month and do not harm ocean and wild animals. We use only natural ingredients and not chemicals to produce our eco-friendly straws. 

Paper Straw is Fun

Well, you get the colourful and custom-designed, professionally crafted paper drinking straws for your occasion. We have varieties in our collection. 

Attractive straws like dot, stripe, herringbone, stars are available. Buy paper straws on Wilbistraw and enjoy your occasion to the fullest.

Why is paper straw better than plastic straws?

Indeed, paper straws are much better than plastic straws. Let’s see some reasons- 

Compostable straws

Yes, there are compostable plastic straws in the market, but they are not compostable. You will wonder to know that plastic straws take 100 years to compost in nature. On the other hand, paper straws take 15 days.

Pollution Free 

Secondly, plastic straws are one of the important reasons behind soil and water pollution. All plastic straws end up in our waterways and farmlands. Thus, many aquatic and wild animals take it as their food. Paper straws are the best non-plastic alternative.

Chemical Free

Plastic straws emit chemical gas and toxin while composting. All these chemicals affect the ecological balance.

Now, you decide which is better for our environment.

If you want to buy paper straws at an affordable price, do not hesitate to get a quote from us.

Buy Paper Straws in Bulk

Are you searching for the best straws for an occasion? Purchase paper-drinking straws in bulk with customized designs and colors. Please send your requirements or call us at +33 185080888

Who Needs Plastic Straws Anymore When We’ve Got Compostable straw?

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compostable plastic straws

Plastic straws were integral parts of our life. All restaurant and bar owners offered plastic straws with drinks and beverages. After 2005, small business owners found an alternative to plastic straws. Then, new and innovative compostable plastic straws came into the market.  

People used to purchase reusable plastic straws for their household needs. Yes, there are other alternatives like metal straws, glass straws. However, plastic straws are easy to use and affordable. 

Compostable Straws are Not Eco-Friendly

Perhaps, you know this; if not then read our other articles, though we have many articles on this. 

Here are some reasons- 

Hundred Years to Compose

Compostable plastic straw takes hundreds of years to compose and degrade properly. Plastic straw is manufactured by using chemicals, so it emits toxin and chemicals in the environment. Therefore, it is harmful to our environment. 

Harmful for Aquatic and Wild Animals

Indeed, plastic straws are even more harmful to aquatic and wild animals. If you do not have proper recycling techniques in your locality, then all plastic straws wind up in the trash. Sometimes, wild animals take it as their food. Now, think –how disastrous it is!!

We should avoid plastic straws and find a better alternative of compostable straws. Luckily, we have many other alternatives- paper-drinking straw is one of them. 

Other Alternatives : Metal straws, Glass straws, Bamboo straws, Edible straws, Silicone straws.

Wilbistraw has taken a small step towards creating the plastic straw-free world.

Save the environment-save the animals.

We are the pioneer of the paper straw manufacturer. Purchase compostable and biodegradable paper straws from us at the best price. 

Do you need colourful straws for your kids’ birthday? Are you searching for customized straws for your wedding?

We have everything for you. Purchase the most innovative and eco-friendly paper drinking straws from us.

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Wilbistraw- Biodegradable Drinking Straws | Eco-Friendly Straws

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biodegradable drinking straws

The Wilbistraw makes eco-friendly straws. These cost-effective paper straws are handy and better than plastic or metal straws. Why? Because it is biodegradable drinking straws. Moreover, it is colourful, well designed and easy to use. If you want to buy this biodegradable straw– visit our service page.

But before that, read this article thoroughly.  

Biodegradable Paper Straws by Wilbistraws

We produce eco-friendly paper straws that can be disposed of after use. These paper drinking straws come wrapped and can be purchased in bulk and small amounts.

These are compostable paper straws. Drinking straws were utilized until 1888 when Martin Stone invented the twisting paper straws. These paper-drinking straws were covered with a layer of paraffin to protect the paper from getting wet. Paper straws got on in prominence and turned into the messenger of the present plastic drinking straws.

Still, in the 21st century, this paper is the best biodegradable straw. It has been improved throughout the years, yet Martin Stone’s 1888 idea has held up over the years.


  • Paper straws are easy to make.
  • Most paper straws are safe to use.
  • The straws can be printed and designed to give an attractive look.


  • Not suitable for hot drinks, paper straws are good only for cold drinks.

We offer five types of paper straws

Plain Straws

The splendid hues and unique pattern of our plain colour straws bring the occasional in your glass of cold drinks, refresh your mind and add colourful fragrance into your life.

Stripe Straws

The stripe design is one of the most widely recognized biodegradable paper drinking straws available in the market. With its wide scope of splendid hues, Wilbistraw brings this exceptional quality straw with custom pattern and pricing for your occasion.

Herringbone Stripe Straws

The herringbone design stripe carries the first touch to your refreshments while making the optical illusion. This example will fit flawlessly in cold drinks.

Star Pattern

For some occasions that should be praised with grace, whether it is a large gathering or a small one, our star straws will carry out the responsibility.

Spots Paper Straws

The mini spots straws are ideal for kids’ birthday celebrations and other different occasions for children.

Yes, we have all varieties and colours for your occasion. Most importantly, all paper drinking straws are biodegradable and eco-friendly.

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