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Wilbistraw Goes Green with a New Line of Eco-friendly Straws

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If you want to buy paper straws, then Wilbistraw is the best destination for you. We are a leading manufacturer of biodegradable and compostable straws.

Paper Vs Plastic

Yes, we promote paper items because they are safe for our environment. Indeed, if you compare papers and plastics, then papers are the best choice.

However, you have other alternatives like metal, glass and silicone, but these are costly.

Paper-based Items

Our highly innovative R&D Wilbiteam plays a vital role. Thanks to their creativity and productivity, we cooperate on many paper-based projects. If you are using plastic straws, then this is the time to switch to paper eco straw.

Our products

We offer various types of products.

· Cocktail

· Normal

· Large

· Bubble Tea

· The Wilbistraw 360.

Please, visit our service page to know more about these items.

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Our Key Feature

As a leading wholesale straw manufacturer, we focus on high-quality items at the lowest price. Here are some of our key features-

  • All our raw materials, factory are certified. We do not use harmful chemicals. Our products are BPA free and user friendly.
  • Our items are durable and water-resistant.  
  • We offer flexible straws. Our products bend 360 degrees like a plastic straw.
  • Our straws are made of four to five layers of paper, which makes it tough and strong.  
  • Now we ship small and large quantity orders everywhere in the world.
  • The best part is, we offer the most competitive price in Europe. Do not forget to get a quote from us and compare our pricing with others.
  • We also offer custom design. You can place an order with custom design, dimension, colour and business logo. Thus, we help you to promote your brand in a new and innovative way.

Go Plastic Free With These Eco-Friendly Reusable Straws

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sustainable straws

Eco-friendly sustainable straws are the best choice for any individual. But the reality is, consumers use plastic more than any other eco friendly materials. Here we are providing a list of reusable straws that you can utilize as an alternative to plastic.

Glass Straws

These are very luxurious to have in your kitchen. You can wash these easily with a dishwasher. The best part is, these do not break easily. 

These are durable and reusable. Moreover, these glasses are perfect for both hot and cold drinks. But the  glasses are very costly.

Metal Straws

These are the best examples of eco straws. These are strong and durable- suitable for cold drinks. The downside is, a metal can influence the taste of your drinks. Indeed, this is one of the popular items in the market.  

Silicone Straws

These are suitable for kids, flexible and durable. You can utilize these environmental friendly straws for your household purpose. This food-grade silicone does not utilize plastics. Unlike metal or plastic, these do not leach chemicals when exposed to heat variations. Above all, these are very easy to use and washable.  

Bamboo Straws

This item is unique, and made from natural resources. These are very popular in the forest region. Though this item is reusable, it can change the taste of your drink. 

Best Straws for Business Owners

If you are a business owner, you do not have plenty of choices. The most cost-effective eco product is paper drinking straw. Well, this is not reusable, but we manufacture biodegradable and compostable paper straws in France. 

With us, you will get varieties of paper straws,which you can customize with your brand colour and logo. These are best for all business owners. If you want to know more about the quality and pricing of our products, then get a quote from us.