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Why You should Give Environmentally Friendly Straws A Chance.

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Why You should Give Environmentally Friendly Straws A Chance

If you are using plastic straws, then this is the high time to choose eco-friendly straws. We should keep your environment green and clean.  

According to CNN News Story, nearly eight million tons of plastic waste goes into the ocean each year. We hope you understand the harmful effect of plastics. 

That is why; we recommend eco straw . We manufacture paper straws, which are biodegradable, compostable and affordable. If you have a restaurant or bar, then this is the best alternative for you.  

McDonald, Starbucks and many reputed companies have announced the use of sustainable products. Why not you? 

Wilbistraw supplies items at the lowest price in France. We have certified, BPA free raw materials, which are safe for children.

We Offer

We offer various types of products.

· Cocktail

· Normal

· Large

· Bubble Tea

· The Wilbistraw 360.

Why Should You Choose Our Product?

Many of you say that reusable plastic straws is a great choice. But this is not true. Polypropylene is not suitable for our health. Besides that, it breaks the eco chain and harms wild and aquatic animals. We promote paper products because it is safe for your family. 

However, you have other alternatives like glass, metal and silicone, but all these are costly. Paper is the most affordable alternative for you. 

Moreover, we also give you the option to place a custom offer with custom dimensions and colours. If you are a business owner, you can add a logo with our items. 

If you need paper straws for your restaurant, then get a quote from us. Let’s keep our environment fresh and clean for the next generation. 

Please, feel free to call us if you have questions about the quality and procedure, and do not forget to follow us on social media.

Every Scary Fact You Need to Know about Plastic Straws

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biodegradable drinking straws

How often do you use straws with your drinks? Well, if you read this article, you will think twice before using plastic straws from tomorrow. 

Even small biodegradable plastic straws are very harmful to our environment. Here, we will provide scary facts that you need to know about plastic straws.

So here we go-

Plastic Straws cannot be Recycled

Plastic straws are very thin (type 5 plastic or polypropylene), so they cannot be recycled. If you want recyclable straws, then you should go for paper drinking straws.

Plastics Straws are not Biodegrade

Well, biodegradable paper straws are not quite biodegradable; they take two hundred years to degrade properly. 

On the other hand, there are plenty of high-quality biodegradable drinking straws– you should use them. For example hay straws, paper straws.

Destroy Wildlife Diversity

Plastic straws destroy wild and aquatic life. Animals take it as food and face chronic diseases. On the other hand, all plastic straws wind up in landfills and pollute our environment. 

Other Facts about Plastic Straws

Plastic straws are not compostable at all. Moreover, they emit toxic chemicals while breaking into pieces. Thus, they pollute the air and water around us. 

You will be shocked after knowing that plastic straws are the eighth most discovered ocean trash (January 2019) and more than 1 million seabirds die after ingesting plastics, in a year.

So what is the best choice for you?

The Best Biodegradable Straws

If you want to purchase biodegradable straws bulk, then you should choose Wilbistraw. We produce biodegradable and compostable biodegradable straws from natural resources.

Our biodegradable straws are best for restaurant and bar owners. You can customize them and add your brand colour and logo. To know more, call us now on +33 1 85 08 08 88.

Paper Straws may be ‘Biodegradable’ but Are They really Better for the Environment than Plastic Ones

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biodegradable drinking straws

We understand the ill effects of plastic straws. Therefore, we recommend you to use paper straws as an alternative. Many people ask – are they really better for the environment than plastic ones? Here, we will provide a brief view of this.  

Using proper biodegradable straws is always better for our environment. Here are four advantages of using paper straws over plastic straws. 

Paper Straws are Biodegradable and Compostable 

Regardless of whether you throw your plastic straws, they will wind up in landfills or the sea, where they can take a long time to decay. The biodegradable plastic straws take a hundred years to break into small pieces. 

On the other side, paper straws are completely biodegradable and compostable. If they wind up in the sea, they will begin to degrade within a week or two. 

Affordable Straws

As more organizations become aware of the negative impacts of plastic straws, interest for paper straws has risen. 

If you consider the bulk price, then both are cost-effective. Now, you have to think, which is the best eco-friendly choice? No doubt, paper straw is the winner. 

Paper Straws are Safe for Wild and Aquatic Life 

Paper straws are safe for natural life. These biodegradable drinking straws do not harm the environment. So if you consider all kinds of straws, you certainly find that paper straws are the best alternatives. 

Paper Straws are the Best Choice

Now, we need to tell why people think that paper straws are not eco friendly. You know that paper straws are manufactured from natural ingredients. All these come from trees. We know that cutting trees is not a great option. 

Still, we encourage our customers to plant more and more trees. If you consider this point, then we do not think you have any second thought before purchasing paper straws. 

Wilbistraw is the best manufacturer of paper drinking straws. Please choose your design and colour and get a quote from us.

Compostable Straws are Great, but They’re No Zero Waste.

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compostable straws


Before compostable straws, paper cocktail straws were popular. As, paper straws have some flaws, so the biodegradable and compostable straws capture the market. 

Well, to understand the environmental impacts of compostable straws, first you need to understand the difference between these two. Those words are often used interchangeably. Both are eco straw, but there is a subtle difference between these two.

The Difference between Biodegradable and Compostable straws

Living organisms like bacteria decompose biodegradable straws, but compostable straws are used as compost when it decays.

However, many restaurants are using compostable straws because these are environment friendly. Indeed, these are eco-friendly, but compostable straws have several negative impacts on our environment. 

The compostable plastic straws take a lot of time (approx 20 years) to break down, and these are harmful. These only break down after putting in the green bins. But green bin technology is not available in all places, so it takes a lot of time to degrade.

Knowing the Reality: These are No Zero Waste

For example, you use a compostable straw for once and throw in into the bin. Yes, you have done your job by throwing it into the right place. But the garbage bin is not ‘right’ because compostable straws take many years to break and compost. Thus, you unknowingly harm the environment.

The Center for Environment Health waves concern about compostable products. These may increase the risk factors of thyroid disruption and cancers. The problem is the pollutants block the river, ponds and harm aquatic animals.

Throwing compostable straws into landfill hampers the purpose of creating it. These plastics need moisture, air, and sunlight to break down into molecules, but landfills entomb the waste and deprive it of the necessary elements. Moreover, these bio-based plastics are not free from harmful chemicals like cadmium, lead, phthalates.

Blue, Black and Green Bins Model

It is essential to learn about the model. Blue is for cans and bottles; black is for landfills garbage, and green is for compost materials. So whenever you use any of these products, make sure the wastage goes to the right bins; otherwise, the purpose will be defeated.

The Positive Side

The compostable straws are made of bio-based products and create smaller carbon footprints. They may come from plants like potatoes and corn. Secondly, if we have the proper technology and if we adopt the adequate system, then these compostable materials would not harm the environment.


Here we have learned the severe adverse effects of compostable straws. However, it sounds exciting and eco friendly, but many of us do not know the harmful effects of it. 

After the plastic banning movement, many restaurants, cafes, pubs, and bars in the USA, UK and India avoid plastics and use compostable straws and biodegradable products.
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