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Improve Your Paper Straw Performance with Wilbistraw

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Improve Your Paper Straw Performance with Wilbistraw

Wilbistraw is one of the best paper straw manufacturers in France. We use eco-friendly raw materials to supply biodegradable and compostable products. 

If you are a restaurant or bar owner, please feel free to get a quote from us to improve your paper straw performance. Moreover, you can call us if you need our guidance on selecting the dimension, colours, design and logo.

Please read this article to get a brief overview of our products.

Customized Straws

We know all customers have different requirements. That is why; we offer five different paper straws. Besides that, you can place a custom order with us.

Please check out our varieties –

· Cocktail

· Normal

· Large

· Bubble Tea

· The Wilbistraw 360.

Our Features

Quality Items

We do not compromise our quality. Our products are suitable for cold drinks. We use paperboard packaging to reduce the use of plastics and other harmful chemicals. Indeed, if you need biodegradable and compostable straws for your business, then you should contact us.

Affordable Price

Generally, paper items are cheaper than other materials like metal, glass or plastic. With us, you can buy paper cocktail straws at the lowest price.

Certified and Authentic

All colours and raw materials are certified. We know different age groups use our items, so we make sure our products are genuine and safe. Besides that, we strengthen the design with 4 to 5 layers and apply food-grade varnish coating to make it water-resistant.

Why Should You Buy This for Your Business?

If you are using plastic straws for your business, then this is high time to search for an alternative. If you are reading this, then you have found the best alternative for your customers. Promote your business and encourage this eco-friendly initiative with our WilbiStraws.   

Please, visit our service page to know more about our products and still if you have questions about the quality and procedure, then do not hesitate to call us.

Paper Drinking Straws Create A Better Food Industry

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Paper Drinking Straws Create A Better Food Industry

The plastic-free solution leads to a better food industry. When the food industry is looking for the best alternative of plastic tools, then Wilbistraw comes to the market with our innovative, well-designed biodegradable paper straws.

If you are a restaurant or bar owner, you can purchase bulk paper straws, in a few simple steps. Yes, now, we are ready to capture the food industry with our all in customized straws.

Well-designed Customized Product

We have listened to our customers. Do you need to change? Here we are with our different paper tools. Now following varieties are available in our store-

  • Cocktail
  • Normal
  • Large
  • Bubble Tea
  • The Wilbistraw 360.

Besides that, we offer various designs and colours. 

Quality Checked

Our products are suitable for cold drinks and liquids. These are strong and excellent for business use. We checked the quality of our product before shipping to your address.

Biodegradable Packaging System

We manufacture biodegradable and compostable straws. Moreover, we use biodegradable packaging for delivery. We allow our clients to have a holistic experience in all aspects of our collaboration with them.  

Safe Eco-Products

This product is 100% for children. We do not use harmful chemicals and colours. All our raw materials are certified and natural.

Why Should You Buy Paper Tools for Your Business?

This is the best choice to keep our ecological balance. Besides that, all the paper products take less time to compost and do not emit harmful chemicals like plastics. However, you do not need to recycle bin and special equipment to sustain your eco-friendly brand awareness. That is why you need to buy paper straws for your business.

Now, you can promote your brand with our straws. Order customized products – set design, colour, dimension and logo- and we will ensure the quality and delivery.

Please, visit our service page and still if you have questions about the quality and procedure, then do not hesitate to call us.

Paper Straws are a Compostable and Fun Alternative!

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Buy Paper Straws

Within the last few years, many restaurant owners have made an active push to remove plastic items. So what is the best alternative? The best alternative to plastic straws is paper-drinking straws. There are some non-plastic straws like metal straws, hay straws, silicone and glass straws as well. Yes, paper straws are the compostable and fun alternative.

Paper Straw is Biodegradable

As a paper straw manufacturer, we produce biodegradable and compostable straws, which break down easily within a month and do not harm ocean and wild animals. We use only natural ingredients and not chemicals to produce our eco-friendly straws. 

Paper Straw is Fun

Well, you get the colourful and custom-designed, professionally crafted paper drinking straws for your occasion. We have varieties in our collection. 

Attractive straws like dot, stripe, herringbone, stars are available. Buy paper straws on Wilbistraw and enjoy your occasion to the fullest.

Why is paper straw better than plastic straws?

Indeed, paper straws are much better than plastic straws. Let’s see some reasons- 

Compostable straws

Yes, there are compostable plastic straws in the market, but they are not compostable. You will wonder to know that plastic straws take 100 years to compost in nature. On the other hand, paper straws take 15 days.

Pollution Free 

Secondly, plastic straws are one of the important reasons behind soil and water pollution. All plastic straws end up in our waterways and farmlands. Thus, many aquatic and wild animals take it as their food. Paper straws are the best non-plastic alternative.

Chemical Free

Plastic straws emit chemical gas and toxin while composting. All these chemicals affect the ecological balance.

Now, you decide which is better for our environment.

If you want to buy paper straws at an affordable price, do not hesitate to get a quote from us.

Buy Paper Straws in Bulk

Are you searching for the best straws for an occasion? Purchase paper-drinking straws in bulk with customized designs and colors. Please send your requirements or call us at +33 185080888

Frequently Asked Questions About Paper Straws

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Are paper straws biodegradable and compostable?

Yes, our paper straws are biodegradable and compostable. They will break down when left out in nature. Our product is 100% plastic-free.

Are Wilbistraws marine safe?

They are very safe. We do not use microplastic as raw material. So these are the best sustainable straws in this market.

Where are these eco straws made?

All our straws are made in France at our factory. All our paper, glues, and colours are sourced from Europe.

Are paper straws recyclable?

It depends on your recycling facilities. Most recycling will not accept food contaminated paper straws. So we recommend composting our straws instead.

Why are paper straws better for the environment?

Unlike any biodegradable plastic straws, which can take 100 years to decompose. Our paper straws will only take 30 days.

Are your straws made for hot beverages?

Wilbistraw is the only sustainable straw made for cold drinks. Hot beverages decrease longevity, and our straws disintegrate faster. Our straws are suitable for all occasions, restaurants and bars.

How long do they hold up in liquid?

Our straws are specifically made not to disintegrate and fall apart. Wilbistraw will last for 4-5 hours because they are made to hold up long hours under regular use.

How much do they cost?

On Wilbistraw, you will get paper straws at the best price. You know the difference between paper straws and biodegradable plastic straws. Indeed, paper straws are much cheaper than plastic straws. You can make up this cost by offering paper straw on request.

You can order colourful and customized paper straws to suit your needs. These can be customized with logo, colours or design based on your brand.  

Click here to visit our service page

What size do you offer?

We offer straws in various diameters and lengths to fit the needs of our customers. You can view our products on our service page.

What designs do you offer?

Our high-quality paper straws come with various designs. We offer colourful designs such as dots, stripes, stars and herringbone stripes. 

However, you can order straws of different sizes and shapes such as cocktail size straws (5*197mm), Normal size (6*197mm), Bubble Tea (10*210mm), The Wilbistraw 360 and many others. Visit our service page to know more about this.

How will the straws be delivered?

All our pickings are recyclable. We do not use any plastic materials. Depending on the quantity of order, we offer different boxes to deliver our products within a few days.

My question is not listed here. How can I ask my question?

If you have any query or want to  know more about us,then do not hesitate to call us on +33 85 08 08 88 or email at