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True Best Alternatives to the Infamous Plastic Drinking Straws

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It’s a well-known fact that the overconsumption of single-use plastics is genuinely affecting the worldwide condition. More than 8 million tons of plastics are disposed of into the seas consistently, up to 4% of which is assessed to originate from plastic drinking straws

However, what amount of this is avoidable? As of late, the spotlight has been centred vigorously around one source of this waste, in particular plastic drinking straws. The only solution is compostable straws.

Metal Straw

Steel is a magnificent material for food and drinking accessories, as it tends to be handy and reusable. A steel straw can have a unique vibe to it. It is portable and durable too. You can find a metallic smell, and it often gets hot but indeed, this is much better than plastic drinking straws.  

Silicone Straws

Silicone straws are amazing for all consumers. It does not get hot as quick as metal so that you can use it in hot soups or beverages. Silicon straws are reusable. You can wash it with a slim brush. They are more useful than other alternatives, which make them incredible for adults.

Paper Straws

We make colourful biodegradable and compostable paper straws. These straws do not get wet in cold drinks- best for birthday celebrations, weddings, and many other occasions. Our manufactured paper straws are compostable straws and cost-effective.

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Glass Straws

Another alternative to plastic straws is glass. You may believe that it is hazardous to use such delicate material. But glass straw is completely reusable and recyclable and much simpler to clean than steel. Glass straws are very stylish and trendy. Though it is not cost-effective, still this is an excellent alternative to plastic drinking straws.

Bamboo Straw

Bamboo is a natural material, used for its high solidarity to-weight proportion and adaptability in numerous applications, including development. Bamboo has discovered a spot as a great option in contrast to plastic in numerous cases.


Many countries banned the use of plastic. Many use biodegradable plastics, but they are not eco friendly as well. So we have revealed some compostable straws as the best alternative of plastic drinking straws.

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