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These 5 Companies Are Ditching Plastic Straws. Here’s How They Are Replacing Them

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Many big companies released their plan to ditch plastic straws by 2020. Even restaurants, bars and coffee shops owners decided to dump plastic drinking straws to reduce the pollution.

The exciting thing is, they are not in favour of using reusable plastic straws also. Here we are providing you with a list of 5 companies and how they are replacing them.  

1. Hyatt 

The hotel company reported in an official statement that plastic straws would be accessible in response to popular demand. Hyatt included that “eco-friendly other options” would be made available for different items; however, did not indicate what the choices are. 

2. Starbucks 

Starbucks said they would replace the straws with recyclable plastic straws for every single cold drink. Straws produced using different materials, similar to paper and compostable plastic, are additionally accessible for use with Frappuccinos. 

3. American Airlines 

They joined Starbucks and Hyatt to discard plastic straws. The organization will supplant plastic straws installed planes with biodegradable alternatives. Yes, there are compostable plastic straws as well in their list. 

4. Marriott International UK 

In February 2018, said it would replace plastic drinking straws from more than 60 of its UK lodgings, as indicated by the BBC. The organization said it would give alternatives, as biodegradable or paper straws to customers who demand them. 

5. Hilton Hotels 

Planning to slice its ecological impression down the middle by 2030, Hilton Hotels illustrated its decision to avoid plastic straws from 650 properties in 2018. The organization said it would supplant the plastic straws with a paper or biodegradable choice, according to popular demand. 


All these companies clarified that straws produced using alternative biodegradable materials, for example, metal, glass, and bamboo “can cut the lips”. The best alternative is paper-drinking straws. Reusable or compostable plastic straws are not as safe as paper straws. 

So if you want to support our eco-friendly campaign of using biodegradable straws, then choose the colourful and well-designed paper drinking straws for your restaurants and bars. Get a quote from us.