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Wilbistraw is a manufacturer specialized in biodegradable and compostable paper straws whose parent company is Wilbiz. 

 Our Factory



Thanks to its responsive and highly innovative team, Wilbistraw offers the possibility to work on every paper-based project to suit your needs. In the midst of the ecological transition, some companies and brands who have their image based on plastic items might wonder how they’ll ever undergo this change. Wilbistraw is there for you and aims to provide you with the right paper-based items that will convey your brand image properly. 



Thanks to our factory which owns cutting-edge devices dedicated to the manufacturing of all kind of paper-based items and the highly innovative R&D Wilbiteam, Wilbistraw offers endless possibilities of co-creation and co-development for large companies. For instance apart from paper straws, we are also able to manufacture filled lollipop paper sticks for soft / chewy candies as well as paper-based coffee and tea stirrers. 



Wilbistraw is currently able to manufacture an expendable capacity of 1.8 billions of straws per yearwhich equates to 60 % of the straws used in France. For such a big quantity, you might think we ask for a quite large minimum order quantity, but we don’t ! We understand and study the needs of all type of clients from smaller businesses to larger companies. Thus, we offer low minimum order quantity for everybody’s convenience, which is one box containing 10000 paper straws.

For bulk package, each parcel contains 10000 straws. We also offer bundle package which are pretty convenient especially for restaurants and coffee shops. 




The transportation of goods is made by train, which is one of the less polluting means of transportation compared to the sea and air transportations

Our Certifications

Quality product, high level of services and innovation fueled by a deep knowledge of paper based products

Paper Straws

FDA 21CFR 176.170 : This is the US Food & Drugs Administration regulatory information regarding components of paper and paperboard in contact with aqueous and fatty foods which ensures that Wilbistraws’ straws are safe to be used for human consumption.

LFGB 01/01/2005 : This is the German Food, Commodity and Feed law regarding food contact with non-edible items such as paper straws and to which we fully comply.

BPA Free : BPA stands for bisphenol A, which is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins since the 1960s and are still often used in containers that store food and beverages. 

CE 1935/2004: This is the European Community regulatory information for food contact with non-edible items such as paper straws. As much strict as the LFGB 01/01/2005 in Germany, 


Raw Materials 

FSC Paper : this certification means that Wilbistraw is helping to take care of the world’s forests.

Food grade Ink

Food grade Glue



BRC Certification (Closing this month) This is the certification issued the British Retail Consortium which ensures the conformity of our paper straws with hygiene and food safety

ISO 9001:2018 This is the international norm for management inside a company. This guideline of good practices aims to help companies to satisfy its customers in the best possible way while improving itself.



Our Paper Straws



While most of the regular paper straws currently sold on the market are made of only 3 layers of paper, our paper straws offer the rigidity of 4 to 5 layers of paper, thus ensuring their toughness, waterproofness and integrity. We’re currently in the process to register the patent for the 5-layer-paper straw with the most paper layered straw and  which makes it the most resistant one on the market. 

The 360° 


The 360® Wilbistraw is currently the only paper straw on the market that has the ability to be bent 360 ° and thus, offers a similar drinking experience as with regular plastic straws. The 360° Wilbistraw is exclusively developed and manufactured by Wilbistraw and we’re currently in the process to register the patent.



The durability of paper straws is often one of the main question marks for our customers. To ensure you that paper straws are no less durable or resistant as plastic straws, we conducted several durability tests. Here you can download the report of our durability tests.

Quality for the food-grade ink

Complying with the strictest norms in regards of safety for human consumption, the food-grade ink we use won’t run into beverages. Also, our food-grade ink has no taste orscent; it won’t alter the drinks nor your consumer’s experience.

Custom paper straws and options we offer 

Wilbistraw’s greatest asset is its manufacturing flexibility. With the aim of perfectly suiting your needs, brand image and beverages, you can choose the size and diameter of your desired paper straw. Then choose your custom patterns: plaincolors, funny patterns … and why not your logo on the straws? Going further into the customization of your own paper straw, you can also customize your paper wrap, which is perfect for fast food restaurants and businesses serving individuals meals and beverages. 

Wilbistraw 360®

The first flexible paper straw ,

pending patent.