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Paper VS Plastic

Quality product, high level of services and innovation fueled by a deep knowledge of paper based products 

Single-Use Plastics:

The Damages it Causes and Consequences

Single-Use Plastics represents an important pollution

300 millions of tons of plastic are produced per year worldwide, whose 8 to 12 % end up in our oceans and seas. Single-use plastics represent 70% of the floating garbage on Earth.

The plastic straw belongs to the Top 10 of the most frequently collected garbage and although using a plastic straw only lasts for a few minutes, it will take approximately 400 years to disintegrate in the nature.

Single-Use Plastics is harmful for fauna and flora

Nowadays, 60 to 80 % of floating garbage on the sea come from the land, thus creating large stretches of garbage which endanger the marine flora and fauna.

Paper Straws :

The Ecological and Responsible Alternative

Why should we use paper straws ?

Plastic straws are everywhere and can be used in most of our daily beverages at home, at the restaurant or at a coffee shop. 

However, this small and light item causes terrible damages because of the difficulties we encounter to collect and recycle it properly.

Why Paper Straws are The Best Alternative ?

In comparison, paper straws are the only single-use items that can easily be collected and that are 100 % recyclable and biodegradable. Paper also offers the possibility to customize the straws with funny colors and patterns at a very competitive price

Reusable straws even when they’re washed, all the residues of former drinks won’t come off, resuting in the creation of dirt inside the straw which can ultimately lead to the development of bacteria.

Key Benefits of Our Straws

Water Resistant

Our paper straws are coated in-and-out with a thin coat of food-grade varnish, thus making them 20 % more waterproof than regular paper straws.

Strong Design

Our paper straws are made of 4 to 5 layers of paper which reinforce their toughness and integrity.

Competitive Price

Among all other alternatives to single-use plastic straws, paper straws are by far the most economical as well as the easiest to manufacture in big quantities.

Wilbistraw 360

The 360® Wilbistraw is currently the only paper straw on the market that has the ability to be bent 360 ° and thus, offers a similar drinking experience as with regular plastic straws.

Fast Delivery

Thanks to our production high reactivity capacity, we ship both small and large quantity orders everywhere in France.

Highly Customizable

Lots of standard patterns are already available but we also offer you the possibility to co-create your own design with us.


From the sourcing of raw materials to the packing of our paper straws, it is important to us to provide our customers with premium quality products and to be able to prove it. This is the reason why we’ve been conducting tests at every stages of our development throughout the whole journey of our paper straws.

Paper Straws

FDA 21CFR 176.170
LFGB 01/01/2005
BPA Free
CE 1935/2004

Raw Materials

FSC Paper
Food grade Ink
Food grade Glue


BRC Certification
ISO 9001:2018

Key Business

Quality product, high level of services and innovation fueled by a deep knowledge of paper based products 


1,8 Billions Straws/Year


>50 tests conducted in laboratory


150+ Persons

Water Resistant

18+ Hours in Water